Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Introducing Serenity By Yeli

Imagine a world shaped by your intentions

Your intentions mold your reality. Meditation, breathing, letting go, are all important tools to calm our fussy minds and find ourselves in the midst of our busy lives. In finding yourself, you uncover the deepest feelings rooted within your subconscious and start your true journey to living your intentions.

My name is Yelisa Rojas, I am a mother, wife, Reiki Master and creator of Serenity by Yeli ( Rooted in the US after having lived in other parts of the New World as well as Europe.

Life can feel pretty chaotic at times, we are always busy running around against time with little to no seconds for ourselves. Meditating and spending time nurturing our soul seems like such a guilty pleasure when there’s always so much to do. Stress and anxiety escalate and we lose connection with our deepest feelings rather than working towards having a peaceful mind, body, heart, and soul. In today’s hectic lifestyle, we need a constant presence to remind us that there is a place where mind body and soul can live in harmony, to help us live our intentions.

Our products are so much more than beautiful jewelry. They are the tools that will provide that constant reminder while enhancing the natural energy of the stones with Reiki. The channel for finding our true self and creating the habit of being in touch with our spirit. The way to always carry with us the magical properties of natural stones to help achieve the balance of mind, body, and soul.

Wear your bracelet to start your new life routine. Find yourself, nurture your soul. Benefit from all the wonderful natural properties of the crystals and receive the shower of Reiki energy that will set your mind in tune with your spirit. Take time to nurture yourself, and “Live your intentions”.

Join the dozens of wonderful souls that have chosen to change their lives by wearing our handcrafted energy bracelets while we help them set their intentions and shape their lives.

My mission is to leave a positive footprint in your life and change it one stone at a time, one intention at a time at

Monday, May 21, 2018

What can I expect at a Reiki Session?

First, let me start with a disclaimer: Reiki practitioners don't diagnose or pretend that Reiki replaces traditional medicine. 

When Reiki flows through your body, it dissolves energy blockages to restore the free flow of one's own life force energy.  After a Reiki treatment, people usually feel relaxed, centered, focused and with a better disposition. 

In a typical Reiki session, you can expect me to lay hands gently in different places of your body.  A questionnaire is used to determine which places you are not comfortable being touched.  I will use floating hands in these places as well as over the chakras that are located on sensitive parts of the body.  There will be no exceptions to these positions being floating hands only.

You may request for the whole session to be done using floating hands as Reiki will still be passed on this way and it is as effective as the gentle laying of hands.

The session starts with you lying on the Reiki table, I will give your Reiki and then ask you to turn so you are face down to continue the treatment.  Once I have intuitively been guided by Reiki on which hand positions to do, I will let you know that the treatment is over, and I will allow you time to incorporate and slowly seat yourself and eventually get up.

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is a composition of two Japanese words.  Rei which means a higher power and Ki which means energy, life force energy.

Reiki is a Japanese technique where the Reiki practitioner can channel energy into the patient to promote stress reduction, relaxation, and healing by means of touch or laying of hands or floating hands as touch isn't really required for energy to flow.

Our bodies have energy centers called chakras.  Lifeforce energy flows through our whole body and the chakras are special centers of spiritual power where the energy flows.  If there are energy blockages in the body that don't allow our lifeforce energy to flow freely, our bodies manifest sickness, stress, physical, emotional and spiritual ailments.

Reiki energy is intelligent.  Allowing it to flow through the body, helps dissolve blockages to restore the natural flow of energy.  It balances the chakras and brings a sense of relaxation and reduction of stress.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Have you ever received Reiki from a child?

My knee was hurting badly the other day and I lifted it on a chair that my daughter just had gotten down from.  She turns back, places her hands on my knee, looks at me and says: "Reeki?"
Just gotta love such pure energy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Baby & Reiki

Since my baby was born, reiki time for me seemed like a luxury, yet I kept to it.  I at least did a mental session of 5 min, and that got me through the tough moments with her reflux, only 10 min. naps, being a tired baby and crying all day and night.

I could not understand why this was happening to her.  I had given her so much reiki while pregnant.  This makes me think about the wonderful pregnancy with absolutely no complications, and the quick delivery (even though it was my first one).  I also think back and see how healthy she is now.  So I am sure those questions were merely coming from my severe lack of sleep.

As a baby, she would not want me to give her Reiki.  I think it was because she experienced some discomfort from the healing, since she is super sensitive to energy, and maybe it was just too much for her.  But then again, Reiki never gives or does anything that cannot be handled by the receiver.  I could never giver her reiki for sleeping since it activated her.  Ha ha ha, little did I know that the Sei He Ki on her forehead would not put her to sleep but energize her for another hour.

Again... we all react in different ways to energy, as well as to Reiki.  We always have to listen to our intuition and go with that.  The same person might react differently to Reiki on different occasions as well.

Now she loves reiki.  She is 20 months old and she senses that I am giving her something.  Sometimes she says "mooh" when I think I am done, but she still wants more.  Now Reiki calms her down for sleeping.  But I do not use the DAI  KO MIO if I want her to sleep as well as calm down.

I'd love to hear from others and their babies, children, and Reiki.  There is so little written and said about children.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sleeping Better with Reiki

I rarely have trouble sleeping.  Since I started practicing Reiki, I've had even less trouble sleeping.  But there is always that particular situation that might make it difficult to go to sleep or go back to sleep.  This is what I do:

1. I give Reiki to my pillow and/or mattress.
2. I draw a SEI HEI KI on my forehead.
3. I give myself the auto treatment right before going to sleep.
4. I give Reiki to the particular sleeping situation.  When my husband is really tired, it is very difficult for me to get a good night's sleep because he is so deep in his sleep that he forgets he shares a bed.  I give Reiki to this particular situation and it helps a lot!  Reiki also helps with not being able to sleep because of another person's snoring.

I have four stitches on my index finger which made it impossible to sleep the first night.  When I woke up, I made a mental note to use some of the techniques mentioned above.  I slept better than I had in a long time.  As a matter of fact, I have been oversleeping.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Should you concentrate when giving reiki?

I was taught that you could give reiki while watching TV, reading, riding the bus, sitting in a meeting, etc.  I am glad I was told this because I might not have committed to just Reiki time while doing nothing else.  I like multitasking, and this allowed me to give myself a lot of Reiki.

I was also taught that some Reiki is better than none and that Reiki always works.  That the Reiki energy is intelligent and does its job whether we concentrate or not.

After a year and a half practicing Reiki, and having read and experimented a lot, I feel that when I concentrate, I reach deeper levels for the energy to work.  I cannot say that you "should" concentrate all the times, but I can say that if you want quicker healing it is worth concentrating.  I also feel this applies more to level 2 practitioners because healing is not only physical.  I feel it is even more so if you are a Reiki master.

I also feel that it is good to have the liberty to give myself Reiki whenever I want to do so, but I am inclined to concentrate whenever I give myself an auto treatment.

If you are charging for Reiki, there is no question about being really focused on the person for the time agreed.  If you are exchanging reiki sessions or giving or receiving multiple Reiki, ask the person receiving Reiki permission before engaging in a conversation with the other Reiki practitioners and try to do this only if really needed.

If the receiver is concentrated, they can see and feel things that might help you direct the energy towards a faster and better healing.  If I am initiating chatting with the receiver I am not tuned with my intuition and I am not letting the person experience their own. 

If the receiver needs or wants to speak, then I listen carefully to what they are telling me and respect their free will at all times.  Some people need to voice out experiences while receiving their Reiki treatment.  It's their way to heal.  As I always say, we are all different.